Booty Pop

This class is taught by:

Kheri Licorice

Kheri took an interest in dance at a young age starting her training with ballet and modern dance. She then moved on to hip-hop, step and salsa. She has danced with various local dance troupes for over 15 years.
After experiencing the loss of a loved one, Kheri turned to pole dancing as an outlet for her anxieties. It worked, but it offered her much more. With pole, she has combined prior knowledge and dance experience with something challenging and liberating all while keeping her in shape.
Kheri now teaches Hot Seats, Booty Pop and Poletry classes at BFPD.
When it comes to pole, Kheri says practice, but be patient. Any progress is just that...progress!

Vel Francis

Vel is a professional dancer with over 15 years of dance teaching experience.  She has traveled across the continents to study and perform as a dancer.   She has enjoyed teaching pole dancing for the past 2 years and gets pleaure watching students with no dance or gymnastics experience become seasoned pole dancers.  She is very patient and meticulous about technique.  You'll love her classes.  Book her class today!
Learn the art of isolating the booty and making it dance. Learn to twerk and jerk it, pop and drop it. You will learn the fundamentals of working the booty and then tie it all into a wonderful booty popping dance routine.