Poletry Play&Practice

This class is taught by:

Vel Francis

Vel is a professional dancer with over 15 years of dance teaching experience.  She has traveled across the continents to study and perform as a dancer.   She has enjoyed teaching pole dancing for the past 2 years and gets pleaure watching students with no dance or gymnastics experience become seasoned pole dancers.  She is very patient and meticulous about technique.  You'll love her classes.  Book her class today!

Viveca Williams

Viveca has always gravitated towards any thing athletic, provided it came with a huge challenge. In high school it was track, in college rowing, but her career path was forged through her love of weight training because of the strength and confidence it fostered. Earning a Master’s Degree in Exercise Science, she moved to NYC in 2006 for a job opportunity in the fitness industry. Discovering pole dancing that same year, she was instantly drawn to it not only because of the challenges in flexibility and fluidity of movement, but also because similar to weight training, it required an incredible amount of strength and confidence.

Pole dancing is an art that is constantly evolving. You can study it for years, and there will always be something new to learn. It has taught me persistence, patience, endurance, humility and so many other important life lessons. Working at Brooklyn’s Finest Pole Dancing has helped me grow as both a pole dancer and instructor. I look forward to many more years with BFPD.

Come in and practice on the pole to perfect your skills. No pole to practice at home?  No problem. Preparing for a performance and need a space to practice?  This is perfect. This class does not provide instruction. Please note the capacity is 6 (one person per pole).