Vel Francis

Vel is a professional dancer with over 15 years of dance teaching experience.  She has traveled across the continents to study and perform as a dancer.   She has enjoyed teaching pole dancing for the past 2 years and gets pleaure watching students with no dance or gymnastics experience become seasoned pole dancers.  She is very patient and meticulous about technique.  You'll love her classes.  Book her class today!

Vel Francis instructs the following:
  • Fine Chisel - Open Level
  • This class is the perfect complement to your pole dancing classes. It is designed to develop core, upper and lower body strength, improve muscular definition and endurance. Have fun, be fit, look fierce!

  • Poletry Newbies - For students NEW TO POLE
  • All first time and inexperienced students at Brooklyn's Finest should take this class. You will learn a choreographed routine, a basic spin, a basic climb, and floor work. This class is designed to wet your appetite and allow you to taste what pole dancing is like. Students with prior experience in pole dancing may also take this class as our technique may vary from what you have done elsewhere.

  • Beginner Poletry - NOT for inexperienced students
  • This is where you literally get hooked on pole! Each class will become increasingly more difficult as you move past the fundamentals of pole dancing (grips, hooks, and beginner spins and climbs). A fun choreographed routine will be taught and broken down so that close attention may be given to technique.

  • Beginner/Intermediate Poletry - for seasoned pole dancers ONLY
  • Students who are well versed in fundamentals such as combo spins, various climbs and descends, cast offs, etc., are now ready to learn fundamentals of inverting. More advanced choreography is taught in this class. Free style dance is also part of the Beginner/Intermediate Poletry Curriculum.

  • Heels Please
  • Bring your heels and dance your sexy heart out.  This class will feature a very sexy, seductive and flirty routine that can include strip tease and/or chair.  In addition to heels, please bring knee pads or leg warmers and and extra top for removal during routine. You'll love this! 

  • Booty Pop
  • Learn the art of isolating the booty and making it dance. Learn to twerk and jerk it, pop and drop it. You will learn the fundamentals of working the booty and then tie it all into a wonderful booty popping dance routine.