Nkenge Simms

Nkenge Simms instructs the following:
  • Spinning Poletry (not for newbies)
  • Diversify your pole skills by learning how to dance on a spinning pole.  Must be at least a strong beginner who can climb to the top of the pole and complete basic spins with ease.

  • Poletry Newbies - For students NEW TO POLE
  • All first time and inexperienced students at Brooklyn's Finest should take this class. You will learn a choreographed routine, a basic spin, a basic climb, and floor work. This class is designed to wet your appetite and allow you to taste what pole dancing is like. Students with prior experience in pole dancing may also take this class as our technique may vary from what you have done elsewhere.

  • Floor & Flow
  • Learn how to flow and create flawless movement using the floor and any other parts of the room where you can be sexy. Grab your sexy heels and booty shorts and come play.  Find your own voice through instructor led choreography.  Your gonna love this class!

  • Beginner/Intermediate Poletry - for seasoned pole dancers ONLY
  • Students who are well versed in fundamentals such as combo spins, various climbs and descends, cast offs, etc., are now ready to learn fundamentals of inverting. More advanced choreography is taught in this class. Free style dance is also part of the Beginner/Intermediate Poletry Curriculum.