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Q - How old do you have to be to take classes at BFPD?

A - You must be 21 years or older.


Q - Do I need an appointment or can I walk in?

A - All clients must be registered for classes in advance.  No walk-ins please. Please register for class at least 24 hrs. in advance.  You may sign up within less time as long as there is at least 1 person already registered for the class.  All class registrations made within less than 24 hrs. prior to class will be cancelled if you are the first person registering.  CLICK HERE to register for classes.


Q -What pole class should I register for?

A- If you are new to BFPD and have never taken pole dancing before (5 lessons or less), please sign up for Poletry Newbies classes.  Beginner Poletry classes are reserved for those who have been coming for a while and have a strong grasp of the fundamentals.  Please respect the levels and sign up for appropriate one.


Q.  How long are the classes?

A.  Classes are 1 Hr. unless otherwise specified.


Q - What should I wear to the classes at BFPD?

A - For pole classes please wear tank or t-shirt & shorts, heels are optional but may or may not be used depending on the class.  All other classes you may wear comfortable exercise clothing (tank, leggings, etc.)


Q - Does size and weight matter in pole dancing?

A - It really does depend on a person's fitness and flexibility level.  However, please note that pole dancing has been proven to be very beneficial in strengthening upper body and core, overall muscle tone and flexibility.  It's also great for calorie burn and increasing bone density.  Give it a go.  You'll love how you feel afterwards.


Q - How early can I arrive for a class?

A - Please arrive no earlier than 15 mins. before your scheduled class.


Q - Can I come watch or bring someone to watch?

A - No.  Please do not bring anyone with you to observe the classes.  If anyone wants to see what classes are like, we encourage them to take the class.  Taking a class is the only way to gauge it personally for yourself.


Q.  Are men and children allowed at BFPD?

A.  No men or children are allowed at BFPD.  We are exclusive to women 21 years and older.


Q - How big are the classes?

A - Pole classes have a 10 person limit, therefore, each student receives individualized attention. Capacities vary, please see the schedule for details.


Q - Where can I see all of the prices for classes and packages?

A - CLICK HERE to visit our pricing page.


Q.  Can I use someone else's credit card to pay for services?

A.  No. You may NOT use someone else's credit card to pay for services under your name. All credit card transactions must match the card owner to the person purchasing services.  There are no exceptions to this rule.  Proper ID is required.


Q - If I need to cancel my class, can I just call to cancel?

A - No.  Cancellations must be done within 24 hours prior to the class via online or else class will be forfeited .  A phone call is not considered a cancellation.  Login to your account, go to your schedule and click "Cancel".  If it is less than 24 hrs. prior to the class, this is considered a late cancel and you will lose the class.  Please understand there are no exceptions.


Pole Parties


Q - How do I schedule a pole party?

A - Please call 855-425-7653 to find out availability and schedules.


Q - How far in advance do I have to book my party?

A - We encourage you to book at least 6-8 weeks in advance as party dates do fill up quickly.


Q - What do I need to do to lock in a date and time?

A - You must make your deposit of $150.00 which goes toward the overall balance of the party.


Q - When is the balance for the party due?

A - The balance for the party is due 48 hrs. before the scheduled party date.  There are no exceptions.  No, you cannot pay when you arrive because you'd like everyone to pay individually.  The party planner who is booking the party is responsible for payment as payment transactions will only be made with her.


Q - Is there a minimum or maximum number of girls required to have a pole party?

A - Yes.  You must have a minimum of 6 and a max of 12 girls.  We can accommodate larger groups with special arrangements.  ** Note ** Please have a definite number of guests when reserving your date with your deposit.  You are making a reservation for a certain number of guests at the time of your reservation.  You may not subtract from that reserved number of guests at the time you pay your balance.  If unsure, it's better to reserve for 6 as you can always add on guests when paying the balance.  This is a strict policy.


Q - When can my guests and I arrive for the party?

A - You may arrive no earlier than 15 mins. before the scheduled party time.  We start and end on time. The clock starts ticking at the scheduled time regardless to whether all of the guests are present or not.  Do not expect additional party time because your party arrived late.  No additional time will be given.  Also, parties will not be rescheduled due to extreme lateness or no shows.


Q - Can people come to observe the party but not participate?

A - Sure.  Guests who would like to observe pay a nominal fee of $20.00.


Q - Can I bring refreshments to my party?

A - Sure.  In addition to the complimentary champagne punch, you may bring refreshments (ie. cupcakes, cake, finger foods, etc.).  Please refrain from heavy liquor as we care about your pole dancing safety.


Q - What if I need to cancel my party?  Do I lose my deposit?

A - Party cancellations must be made 14 days in advance in order to receive deposit back.  Cancellations being made after the 14 day window will forfeit deposit.  No exceptions. Parties may be rescheduled if the studio is given 48 hours notice prior to your scheduled event.